Practice Schedule

Practice Schedule ~ Week of March 19 - 25, 2012
Teams Coach Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Gym time not yet assigned   lovett pope 1 to4        Chattahoochee 7   Lovett pope 12 to 3
3rd Grade GA Pistols-Gold Watson Galloway 6-8       St. Luke 630-830  
3rd Grade GA Pistols-Purple Markise Sunday tba         St. Luke 630-830  
4th Grade GA Pistols-Gold Dixon All Saints All Saints          
4th Grade GA Pistols-Purple Baker HI-tba Hi -6 to 730          
4th Grade GA Pistols-White Fadem Sunday tba Lynwood 6          
5th Grade GA Pistols-Gold Williams   St James 6 to 730   north springs 645      
5th Grade GA Pistols-Purple Dudek     Lovett  6 to 730 Gl;over   Hi -6 to 730    
6th Grade GA Pistols-Gold Gates     Lovett  7 Gl;over   Lovett 7  Gl;over    
6th Grade GA Pistols-White Feagin Hi tba Hi -6 to 730          
6th Grade GA Pistols-Black Inman              
7th Grade GA Pistols-Gold Feagin     HI 7 to 9   HI 7 to 9    
7th Grade GA Pistols-Purple Bacon     North springs 7   North springs 7    
7th Grade GA Pistols-Black Frazier     off this week      
8th Grade GA Pistols-Elite Pointer              
8th Grade GA Pistols-Black Jacobs Holy Spirit St James 7 to 9          
8th Grade GA Pistols-Diamond Blanding     HI 7 to 9   HI 7 to 9    
8th Grade GA Pistols-Diamond-Ice Blanding     HI 7 to 9   HI 7 to 9    
8th Grade GA Pistols-Platium Smith     Westlake   Westake    
9th Grade GA Pistols-Gold Mario Lovett 4 Pope            
9th Grade GA Pistols-Black Mario Lovett 4 Pope            
9th Grade GA Pistols-Elite Waldrop P. Ridge           P.Ridge
9th Grade GA Pistols- Thomas           P.Ridge
10th Grade GA Pistols-Gold Martin   Lynwood      
10th Grade GA Pistols-Purple Jackson     Galloway 6-8   Nortn Atlanta    
11th Grade GA Pistols- Eric     Westlake   Westlake    
11th Grade GA Pistols- Miller       Pebblebrook 6      
11th Grade GA Pistols-North Grimsley   Chattahoochee 7   NA Church    



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